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Welcome to my site, I'm a passionate web developer with an interest in MODX, PHP, MySQL and everything that can be created with them. Being a senior developer at MODX, I get to create wonderful web goodness every day. If you're not too interested in web development or MODX, then you may be in the wrong place! Unless, of course, I can persuade you otherwise.

Below is a list of the recent posts on this site, enjoy!

MODXpo 2013: Load Balancing MODX

Posted by garryn on Nov 02 2013

As we head into the final talks of MODXpo 2013 here at Cologne, I can categorically say that it's been another awesome conference. There's been great talks, great conversations and new friendships made and as always new knowledge being shared.

I got to do my first talk for a decade and the subject was load balancing MODX. My aim is to run a series of blog posts going into a bit more detail and discussion on the configuration of the servers but I've posted a link to my slides below.

I've added notes to the slides to help place a few of them in context. Please let me know if you have questions!


Tracking the original Referrer on your site

Posted by garryn on Sep 06 2013

This is a little snippet/plugin combo I wrote to allow you to track the original referrer on a site. A typical use case for this would be so that you can pass this referrer information via a contact form (where the contact form is perhaps the second or third page a visitor has viewed). Eventually, I'd like to package this up and use property sets but for the project this was created for, this setup worked fine.

Generating a Google Sitemap when you have thousands of resources

Posted by garryn on Sep 03 2013

So, you have thousands of resources on your site and you need a Google Sitemap generating. With a few hundred resources, you can use some of the available Extras for MODX Revo to alleviate the stress and pain and not have any noticeable performance dips. But what happens if you have 15,500 resources?

How to prevent MODX tags from parsing in MODX Revo

Posted by garryn on Feb 12 2010

So, you have a shiny new blog rolling in MODX Revolution and you want to post up some code samples about MODX Revo - but, hold on, if MODX tags are posted in the sample code, they get parsed. Oh oh!